Spruce up your Twitter bio

Your Twitter bio is probably something that you dashed off and then promptly forgot. If so, take another look and keep these suggestions in mind for sprucing it up to make the most of those 160 characters.


Be careful what you say on Twitter

A reporter for the politics-focused website Politico tried to analyze the words of Congressman Todd Akin when Akin commented over the weekend on rape and abortion. But the reporter, David Catanese, learned the hard way about the limits of Twitter.

Here’s what he said.

1. “Ok, I’m gonna (ask for it) & defend @ToddAkin for argument’s sake. We all know what he was trying to say . . .”
2. “Poor phrasing, but if you watch the intv @ToddAkin meant to convey that there’s less chance of getting pregnant if raped.”
3. “So perhaps some can agree that all rapes that are reported are not actually rapes? Or are we gonna really deny that for PC sake?”
4. “So looks like he meant to say — ‘If a woman was REALLY raped, it’s statistically less likely for her to get pregnant.’ What’s the science?”
5. “So maybe. Just maybe, @ToddAkin didn’t really mean ‘legitimate.’ Perhaps he meant if ‘someone IS really raped’ or ‘a rape really occurs’”
6. “The left is often 1st to shut down debate as ‘off limits’ when it deems so. Aren’t these moments supposed to open up a larger debate?”

Jeff Sonderman, a digital media fellow at the Poynter Institute, laid out the three things Catanese did wrong: siding with a politician, asking questions he should have been trying to answer and missing the bigger picture.

Catanese later Tweeted that it was a "bad idea trying to have nuanced conversation on highly charged issue on here. Did not intend to take a side. Lesson learned."